CASE STUDY: Cases of forced marriage

BOOMERANG: Return of the Diaspora

Recent decades have witnessed the return of the Diaspora community in their flocks. In Most cases, Diaspora has a prestigious connotation that goes with opulence, aspirations, capital flight from abroad, a thriving economy, lively parties and beautiful people. However, with this ceremonial influx came an immeasurable suffering for a segment of the society.

The Somali culture is largely humane with so much regard for the female members of the population, except for lighter structural gender prejudices that are fading out with age, but this Diaspora influx provided a suitable leeway for a minority group of sociopaths comprising of hard drug users, sex pests, paedophiles, human traffickers, extortionists, and other savage characters.

Shalgade Research Consultancy is intending to unearth how young girls of school-going age are forced into marriage with hard drug users with violent behavior, criminal offenders running away from authorities abroad, sex pests, paedophiles, elderly men with lifestyle diseases and other undesirable characters.

We will bring you illuminating insights into the result of the wealth inspired Diaspora marriages, the catastrophic impact on young girls and middle-aged single mothers, the escalating domestic violence, astounding divorce rates, psychological trauma, imported STDs, trickery-betrayal-extortion and countless other vices that unfold in deep society

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