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Consultancy Services - Overview

Shalgade is a leading consultancy firm in developmental research as well as social and educational research with the aim of spurring informed decision making with emancipatory impact. In our various fields of professional engagements, we examine our clients’ unique needs to evaluate and ascertain the inherent structures in order to be able to constitute a tailor made approach for us to achieve objectivity in data collection, analysis and presentation in conformity with best research standards.

We collect our data by engaging our assignment in friendly and interactive sessions in order to siphon fine information pertinently relevant to their inherent nature. Information gathered is then interpreted within intellectual frameworks of that group; members of the community are engaged as co-constructors or validators of knowledge. To achieve extreme clarity, we engage a group of experts to conduct objective review of our findings and to conduct tests to establish the extent of accuracy in our findings. This is conducted largely for the purpose gathering real truths about the subject with the ultimate goal of empowering members of that community and improving services for them.

We ensure quality control, value for money and better results for all our research and consultancy assignments. Our effective data collection approach and precise statistical analysis provides clients with decisive and clear answers; with this, we hope to provide practical solutions to the management dilemma of our clients. Furthermore, we conduct a “Risk–based audit” which blends technical competencies with a detailed knowledge of the client and their needs. We obtain an in-depth understanding of the risks associated with each operating cycle and focus in strict compliance with research ethics.

Under this banner, we are able to identify potential risk factors thus put in place risk mitigating measures to avert liabilities to our clients and to our organization. We have quite a diversified research database portfolio consisting of high-quality controlled research studies that are deliberately crafted to meet the threshold for policy decision making, and to validate a public opinion about a particular theme. Commercial research must be funded and sponsored by a commercial organization.
Shalgade partners with clients to design the protocol, but the firm owns the results and arising Intellectual property. Academic studies are sponsored by academic institutions, such as Universities. Our consultancy portfolio can be categorized into: Institutional management consulting, Developmental Support Services, educational research and advisory and Socio political Research.