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Core Values

Research Ethics

We evaluate our research proposals to make sure that they meet the ethical standards. We also make sure that our findings are highly scientific, factual and generate useful knowledge. Most importantly, we respect the confidentiality of our clients and information acquired in the course of our professional undertakings.


We complement our skills and professional experience with a practical application of cutting edge technology in data collection analysis and presentation. We are guided by comprehensive strategic vision which enables us to stay ahead of the needs of our clients as well as the dynamic technological evolution.


We combine our professional team with expert partners to bring you the best of both fronts.

Client Focus

Making our relationship with you and our desire for your success is the epicenter of everything we do.


We put special emphasis on integrity and accountability for our actions in the course of our professional endeavors in order to ensure objectivity and unbiased feedback.

Our Approach

At Shalgade Consultancy, the purpose of research is to inform action. We seek to contextualize our findings within the larger body of high quality research in order to produce knowledge that is applicable within the research setting. Furthermore, the results of our study may have insightful implications for policy and future project implementation in a globalized setting. We believe that gathering valid information is the first step for individuals and institutions to be able to perform better in their interventions. One problem that often undermines positive impacts of programmes is the information gap that exists, and the slow translation of little information into practice. Often, a disconnect exists between the implementer and the beneficiary; and sometimes between those who conduct research and those who are positioned to implement the research findings. We decipher the underlying problem by exploring widely and probing deeply for real time truth, and then analyzing data profoundly and decentralizing information in a highly palatable format with the overall objective of providing pragmatic solutions. Shalgade Research Consultancy brings together a network of experienced professionals and

associate consultants with many years of hands-on experience in the field of research, strategic planning and institutional capacity building to bridge the information gap. As inscribed in our vision, Shalgade Research Consultancy always aspires to conduct an in-depth original study in our field of assignment in order to become key partners in the realization of the Millennium global goals and institutional vision.