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Institutional Consultancy: M&E, Capacity Building & Strategic Policy

Shalgade Research Consultancy is a valuable partner in Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) of projects in the context of development, population, health and nutrition programmes. We employ a variety of tools to strengthen our information systems and improve credibility of our data, so that we offer valuable feedback for use in management decision making in the various project cycles. We aid accountability upwards to the donor, impact calibration downwards to the beneficiaries, control and supervision of staff and volunteers, thus improving performance and informing timely intervention.

We guarantee accurate feedback employing high quality community-level information systems that are essential for effective program management and decision making at all levels. Shalgade Consultancy supports harmonized monitoring and reporting systems that capture indicators from community-level programs; systems that are essential for effective program management and decision-making, and that facilitate the reporting of high-quality program performance data to donors and other stakeholders.

We also work with clients to design their management systems, develop administrative, human resources policies, logistics and supply chain protocols, and financial policies and procedures. We do this by conducting an Organization Network Analysis (ONA) where we study organizational structures and flow of command. This empowers us with insights of how departments interact in different perspectives in organizational relationships to form a network, how the actual communication networks are defined by the organizational ethics and areas of responsibility.

We also extrapolate the channels communication flows through formal hierarchies outlined in the organizational structures. Communication flows through a formal chain from top-to-bottom as well as bottom-to-top depending on the circumstances. As a result, network maps and diagrams are created revealing how the organization personnel cooperate forming formal organizational network. Organizational structure improves operational efficiency by providing clarity to employees at all levels. Similarly, networking aids in communications and flow of information thus helps in making informed decisions as well as allocation of resources for the competing needs.

Exploring these organizational structures helps us understand the official reporting relationships that guide the workflow of the organizations for us to develop pertinent policies. Developing a formal outline of an organization’s structure makes it easier for us to offer professional advice on the need to add new positions or eliminate some, to assess existence of bureaucracies undermining efficiency, whether there is bridge of the internal controls and so forth. Organizational network mapping is very useful to the attainment of our overall organizational objectives. 

The ONA is a framework that looks at organizational development holistically and is used to develop water-tight guide through key stages and components of organizational processes and project management. Through this approach, clients are able to deal with day-to-day challenges in their organizations. A team qualified in project and financial management and organizational development is assigned to each organization throughout the agreed period.

We support the development of strategic action plans. This includes formulation of organizational mandate, vision, mission and objectives, key strategic/result areas, activity and work plans, and resource mobilization and allocation. Our diversified research portfolio under this institutional umbrella includes:

  1. Base-line surveys
  2. Pilot surveys
  3. Pre-test
  4. End of project assessments
  5. Market surveys
  6. Organizational profile
  7. Proposal development
  8. Concept note
  9. Strategic plan
  10. Budget
  11. Policy development
  12. Brochures