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Humanitarian Research

The escalation of conflicts, diseases, climate change-induced natural disasters like droughts,floods, Tsunamis and other tragedies, prompted the rise of humanitarian interventions mandated to mitigate human suffering through relief and coordinated supplies in the recent decades. Humanitarian operations are also undertaken in social cycles to ensure social justice and equal access of opportunities in the various social segments. There is need for such humanitarian operations to be guided by specialized research. Gathering vital information is the first step for organizations and institutions to be able to perform better in their interventions. Shalgade Research Consultancy partners with the humanitarian actors to ensure their actions are well informed by providing relevant information through quality research in terms of project feasibility, assessment of resource management approach and emancipatory impact of programmes.

Developmental Research

The growing number of humanitarian catastrophes in the last decades has created numerous challenges by destroying resources, wealth creation infrastructure and undermining human productivity. As a result, there has been an increasing recognition of development aid as a viable intervention for disaster mitigation and post-conflict transformation. Developmental research is essential in the attainment of the long term goals of development aid and aligning efforts and resources with the Millennium Development Goals and institutional visions. Shalgade Research Consultancy partners with developmental institutions and donors by conducting Conflict Impact
Assessment Research, qualitative research, mathematical modeling, simulation and surveys based on approved economic models to ensure efficiency of Livelihood programmes through coordinated support in planning, implementation and tracking results. We offer expert advisory aimed at aligning efforts and resources with information, integrating theories with actual implementation practice in order to achieve the most meaningful impact. Our diversified developmental research services are expounded under our service portfolio.

Socio-political Research

This segment focus is on information diffusion regarding culture, politics, and or collaboration of both with the overall objective of aiding social justice, equal distribution of resources and good governance in the context of humanitarian setting. Our approach is designed to unveil the underlying concerns that are profoundly inherent in the socio-cultural dynamics- with the hope of creating equal opportunities to all segments of the society. We also partner in identifying opportunities, spurring sustainable management of resources and safeguarding the local environment. The target of our social research is the highly vulnerable groups like children, women, the elderly and the youth, who are affected by high unemployment rate, illiteracy, lack of government representation, gender disparity, poor leadership, unequal distribution of resources, cultural prejudices, unpredictable climatic conditions, unproductive lands, communal land policy, injustice and discrimination, and activities of organized criminal groups which put them in desperate position for exploitation.

Educational Research

Shalgade Research Consultancy provides partnerships in social education and awareness on broad perspectives. We provide translation services of scientific, technical, commercial, literary,legal, and educational documents in three languages (English, Somali and Swahili). Our team has the knowledge and the capacity to perform these tasks to ensure that the translated version have the full meaning of the original text. We also offer research trainings and tutorial support to learners to equip them additional skills in data collection, analysis and interpretation. We also offer advisory services to students in developing thesis for their professional research, academic dissertation and other scholarly research work.

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)

Shalgade Research Consultancy is a valuable partner in Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) of projects in the context of developmental, population, health and nutrition programmes. We employ a variety of tools to strengthen our information systems and improve credibility of our data, we offer valuable feedback for use in management decision making in the various project cycles. We aid accountability upwards to the donor, impact calibration downwards to the beneficiaries, control and supervision of staff and volunteers, thus improving performance and informing timely intervention. We guarantee accurate feedback employing high quality community-level information systems that are essential for effective project management and decision making at all levels. Shalgade Consultancy supports harmonized monitoring and reporting systems that capture indicators from community-level programmes that facilitate the reporting of high-quality program performance data to donors and other stakeholders.

Training and Capacity Building

 Shalgade Consultancy supports clients to design their management systems, develop administrative, human resources policies, logistics and supply chain protocols, and financial policies and procedures. We do this by conducting an Organization Network Analysis (ONA) where we study organizational structures and flow of command. This empowers us with insights of how departments interact in different perspectives in organizational relationships to form a network, how the actual communication networks are defined by the organizational ethics and areas of responsibility. We also extrapolate the channels communication flows through formal hierarchies outlined in the organizational structures. As a result, network maps and diagrams are created revealing how the organization personnel cooperate forming formal organizational network. Through this analytical groundwork employees of different levels are offered customized trainings.

Crime Prevention

 Political instability or weak political structures weakens legitimate channels of conflict resolution and resource sharing. This lays the foundation for oppression and exclusion of important segments of the society like the youth, women and children. The youth is an essential component of society, therefore, key partners in the realization of the Millennium goals. Regrettably though, they have been relegated to the periphery of all major decision making process. Injustice and discrimination put them in desperate position for exploitation by organized criminal groups. There has been rapid growth in crime and substance abuse amongst the youth in recent years due to social pressures.
The youth must be equipped with technological innovation and entrepreneurial skills. Shalgade Research Consultancy supports the youth in attaining comprehensive skills essential for identifying opportunities, generating ideas, and accessing funds to finance their projects. Access  to information and technology has been the missing link to sustainable business initiatives among the youths. Our organization seeks to partner with various youth groups and CBOs in harnessing information and technology through vocational trainings and organizing interactive forums for youth empowerment. Shalgade Research Consultancy hopes to conduct specialized research on youth affairs, the results of our study may have insightful implications for security policy that can cushion from exploitation by organized criminal groups. We believe our research findings can be implemented at a globalized context. Similarly, Shalgade Research Consultancy conducts a “Risk–based audit” for projects. Our approach blends technical competencies with a detailed knowledge of the client and their needs. We obtain an in-depth understanding of the risks associated with each operating cycle and focus in strict compliance with research ethics. Under this banner, we are able to identify potential risk factors thus put in place risk mitigating measures to avert liabilities to our clients and to our

Health and sanitation

 Shalgade Research Consultancy supports efforts in promoting good hygiene practices among communities as way of controlling disease and encouraging effective community management of water and sanitation services. We hope to be part of participatory behavioural changing programmes to educate children and adults on personal hygiene and good health. We are well equipped to undertake programmes touching on Cycle of Fecal Contamination, importance of safe excreta disposal, safe water and hand washing in breaking the cycle of fecal contamination, nutrition, healthy eating habits and Community Health Promotion. We are also well positioned to conduct workshops on sexually transmitted diseases, anti-stigmatization campaigns, counseling for STD/HIV patients and victims of sexual offences.

Somali Forum

This is an interactive segment of our consultancy where we give our audience chance to share their views on emerging issues in the society. Should you come across research ideas topics or societal concerns that need to probed into full length, never hesitate to put down your views, we value the views of our readers. Alternatively, you can email us directly through